Perspective quickly comes to mind when I think about Winnie the Pooh, with each character having a predominant way to see things. That and the fact that the book inspired me as a child to create my first long story with a map and a list of characters and cozy homes for each of them. I’d already started doing cook books at 5, because what kid doesn’t create and illustrate cook books at that age? But Winnie the Pooh captured my imagination in a new way.

When I looked at the map and remembered the characters I thought it would make a perfect way for the Gathering Feedback section of the Retrospective and everything else came to me from that point.

. Here is my version of the map that we used for the retrospective

The way I saw it was;

  • Things that are good – Pooh’s House
  • Things that are worrisome or you feel anxious about – Piglet’s House
  • Things that you are sad about – Eeyore’s House
  • Things that you need to learn about – Rabbit’s House
  • Things that you need to figure out – Owl’s House
  • Things you are excited about  – Tigger’s House
  • Things you need a big Momma hug about – Kanga’s House
  • Things that sting – Bee Tree

The team resonated with it even commenting themselves that there was more feedback than ever on this one!

The discussions that came out of this retro were not only helpful in providing everyone a chance to share how they see things, but also in giving everyone a chance to see that others see the same things differently. I find it is often helpful to remind the team, any team/ family/ group of people/ that not everyone sees things the same way they do. It is often hard for us to see things another way but it is always helpful when we do!

As usual, the team collaborated on snacks, each selecting something from the handy snack board I made on Pinterest, you can check it out here















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Please share how your team used this retrospective, was it helpful? Did you make any tweaks? We all continue to learn from each other so please share.