This is a great Retrospective to help your team grow stronger as a team, remind them what the Scrum values are; openness, respect, commitment, focus, and courage, and help the team see those scrum team values in practice in the world around them, with the end goal being helping them use them more in their day-to-day life.

Check-In – We started out with some classic Star Wars quotes that are also quite Agile and the team tried to guess who said what and how they are Agile.

Agile and Scrum are centered on change and new beginnings, trying new things to improve and grow.

It relates to Scrum b/c it is highlighting how Scrum is about focus and how if you focus on succeeding you will and conversely if you focus on failing you will.

GOAL: Help the team to think about how many things around them in day to day life, movies, etc relate to Agile, Scrum, and being part of a team. Ideally, this will also help them to feel better connected to the underlying principles of Agile so that they can become more Agile in their mindset.

Energizer – Scene Sharing (homework required) Email this homework to email to your team, be sure to give them some time to prepare. “Prior to the retro please think of a scene from Star Wars (or any other movie) that represents one or more of the 5 team values; respect, openness, courage, commitment, and focus. You can either describe it to the team or share a clip of the scene on video through a phone or laptop.” Watch the clips as a group and guess what the team value/s is that each clip is supposed to represent.

GOAL: Help the team connect with each of the values by thinking of scenes from favorite movies where they are exhibited. This is always a big hit and really helps everyone see the values in practice.

Gather Insights – Star Wars Style Divide the canvas into four parts, drawings are encouraged, (they don’t have to be pretty, but they encourage the team to participate in things they aren’t perfect in when they see you drawing even if it isn’t your forte). The right side is the Jedi – Good side of the force, the left side is Sith – Evil side of the force. Add the following into each quadrant;

  • Alderaan – things that are good, keep us moving forward, increase the forward momentum of the force of the project and team as a whole.
  • Forest Moon of Endor – helpful, productive things we should do more of but still need some refinement/improvement to be Alderaan worthy.
  • Death Star – things that are killing the team or progress, slowing us down, not helpful or good. We should stop doing them all together.
  • Tatooine – dry lifeless, not fruitful, we should do less, do better, or change them.

Close-Out – “Would you rather?” Star Wars style

GOAL: fun way to close out the meeting, everyone can learn a bit about their team mates.

Everyone brought in a Star Wars themed snack. I have compiled a great list of Star Wars themed snack ideas on Pinterest. The Star Wars font can be downloaded for free and signs can quickly be made. Everyone really enjoys it!

Here are a few pics of some of the great food the team made

If you would like the entire Retrospective with step-by-step guide and facilitation notes just click here scroll down and request the PDF!

How did this Retrospective go for you and your team, did you create some memories, grow in understanding scrum team values, see your work in a productive yet different way? I hope so – that is the ultimate goal 🙂

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