This retrospective was created to use when you notice your team working off of assumptions particularly with their attitudes and impacting their decisions. It is helpful during buy-outs, mergers, company structure changes, or any time lots of rumors and speculation are happening at work. This retrospective helps your team see their assumptions, test them, and hopefully come to the conclusion that they should be finding out the facts and basing attitudes and decisions from them!

This Retrospective starts with a bang showing the 3 min trailer for Fast 8

After the video clip discuss some of the assumptions in the trailer and what the truth is. Here is an example

Assumption #1 Toretto turned on his team Truth: There may be a reason that someone does something completely out of character that actually makes perfect sense, if you find out why. The key is asking and listening to understand.

GOAL: To get the team thinking about assumptions and how they shape thinking and actions in a non threatening way.

To get everyone out of their seats and engaged we split into two teams, guys and girls, do what makes sense for your team, to have some more fun with assumptions! Bring a race track of some sort and some Matchbox cars and ask each team to guess how long it will take for their car to race the track. Then do 3 races with short periods to plan, implement, and retro for each round and see where their assumptions get them. (Be ready with a timer!)

To Gather Info draw a big race track and then something to represent these things along the way; things propelling us forward, things holding us back, things we can’t see coming up, and things REALLY propelling us forward. After feedback is gathered make sure to analyze and create an Action Item. The things coming up that we can’t see also highlighted several assumptions to potentially discuss/debunk.

As usual we had Fast & Furious themed snacks custom created from this Pinterest board which were a hit!

If you would like the entire Retrospective with step-by-step guide and facilitation notes just click here scroll down and request the PDF!

How did this Retrospective go for you and your team, did you create some memories, grow in seeing assumptions and how they impact our thinking and work, identify areas to improve and create a meaningful Action Item? I hope so – that is the ultimate goal 🙂

Please be sure to share pics and feedback below on how this retrospective went for your team and any questions you may have. We all get better by working together and building upon what others start so please feel free to adapt to your team and needs and share 😉