Agile Coaching & Support

Supporting Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters navigate the challenges in supporting others through Agile transformations like,

  • resistance to change
  • organizational culture
  • lack of management support or consensus and
  • unclear objectives or expectations. 

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching offers a tailored and intimate coaching experience that focuses on individual growth, skill development, and addressing unique challenges within the Agile context. It is a powerful tool for nurturing Agile talent, building strong Agile teams, and driving overall organizational success in the dynamic world of Agile development.

Professional Coaching

As an ICF certified professional coach I partner with folks in a thought-provoking creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Embrace Change Fearlessly

In the ever-changing landscape of business, agility is the key to survival. Agile Coaching helps impart the courage to embrace change, build resilience to adapt swiftly, and to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Empowering Radical Responsibility

Agile Coaching empowers  a sense of radical responsibility, fostering ownership and accountability. This powerful shift in mindset breeds a work ethic that drives excellence and delivers results beyond imagination.

Efficiency in Action

Agile Coaching introduces streamlined processes and methodologies that optimize your team’s workflow. By eliminating inefficiencies and focusing on value-driven outcomes, your team will deliver with speed and precision.

Holistic Growth

Agile Coaching embraces a holistic approach to development. Helping to flourish both professionally and personally, gaining skills and insights that transcend the boundaries of work.

What Is Agile Coaching?

In a 1:1 Agile Coaching session, the Agile Coach works closely with the individual to explore and address specific challenges,  support their growth and development, and  provide personalized guidance, within the Agile framework. These coaching sessions are typically tailored to the unique needs, goals, and circumstances of the individual, fostering a more custom and targeted coaching experience.

Benefits of agile coaching

  • Supporting the growth and development of new Agile team members or leaders.
  • Addressing challenges or conflicts that are specific to an individual’s role.
  • Developing personal leadership skills for Scrum Masters and Product Owners.
  • Assisting team members in adapting to Agile principles and practices.
  • Providing guidance to individuals who seek to improve their contributions to Agile events and activities.


How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Determining if Agile Coaching is right for someone involves self-assessment, understanding personal goals, and considering their current context and circumstances. Here are some key factors to consider to help determine if Agile Coaching is the right fit. 

Ultimately, Agile Coaching is most effective when there is a genuine desire to improve, learn, and contribute positively to Agile practices and principles. If someone recognizes the value of Agile approaches and is willing to invest time and effort into their Agile journey, Agile Coaching can be a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Some potential coaching topics are.

Some potential coaching topics are.

  • Leadership growth
  • Team Building/dynamics
  • Getting unstuck
  • Leveling Up
  • Mindset
  • Professional Development 
  • Improving Yourself as an individual
Desire for Agile Mindset and Practices

If someone is interested in adopting Agile principles and practices to improve their work processes, collaboration, and productivity, Agile Coaching can be highly beneficial. It is particularly suitable for individuals who value continuous improvement and are open to embracing change.

Specific Goals or Challenges

If someone faces specific challenges related to Agile adoption, team dynamics, leadership, or any other aspect of Agile development, 1:1 Agile Coaching can provide targeted support and guidance.

Personal Growth and Development

Individuals who seek personal growth and development, both in their Agile roles and as professionals, can benefit from Agile Coaching. The coaching process focuses on building skills, enhancing self-awareness, and empowering individuals to excel in their roles.

Commitment to Learning

Agile Coaching encourages a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Individuals who are committed to expanding their knowledge and skills will find Agile Coaching to be a supportive and conducive environment.

Alignment with Agile Values

Agile Coaching is rooted in Agile values such as customer collaboration, delivering value, and embracing change. Assess if these values align with your personal beliefs and aspirations.

Openness to Feedback

Agile Coaching involves receiving feedback, both positive and constructive, to facilitate growth. Individuals who are open to receiving feedback and using it to improve will benefit from Agile Coaching.

Why chose me as your coach?

As an Agilist, wife, homeschool mom, creative, and a farmer I am living Agile each and every day. It is an integral part of my life and mindset.

As a story teller, an Agile trainer, a life long learner, and a framework agnostic my focus is on you, and your needs, not shoving you through some 5 step cookie cutter solution.

The only agenda I have is to focus on connecting with you in a meaningful way to partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Experience and Certifications

  • 14 years experience in the trenches with Agile.
  • Mom and Pops start up to huge corporations
  • Healthcare, IT, Publishing, Media, Music, Solar, Civil Engineering. Software, Marketing
  • ICF- ACC International Coaching Federation – Associate Coaching Certification – year long program plus well over 300 hours of coaching experience.
  • ICAgile ACC certified trainer for ICAgile Agile Coaching Certification course.
  • CAL – 1 (Certified Agile Leader)
  • CSP-SM Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master


How It Works

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Let’s connect and discover if we are a good fit, answer any of your questions, get an idea of your goals, and what type of support would be best to help you achieve them.



Choose a Coaching Plan

Review plans below and we will discuss during our discovery call what is the best fit for your needs. What questions you have, and what your needs are. Perhaps, we create a plan just for you?

Reach Your Goals

Enjoy the benefits of  Agile Coaching to address your specific personal and professional challenges, provide personalized guidance, and support your growth and development. 

My Approach

 Dynamic, empowering, holistic, compassionate, creative, servant leader. Coach, facilitator, mentor, teacher, Scrum Master, & Agile Coach with 13 years Agile experience. Specialize in helping individual, teams and organizations effectively implement Lean & Agile mindset and frameworks, build resiliency, systems thinking, empowering others, and creative problem solving. 

I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional development. My goal is to focus on connecting with you, as you focus on your problem.

The way that plays out is unlike many coaches, I don’t have an agenda and I don’t tell you what to do. I help you think through possible solutions and create a plan of action. I also help you inspect and adapt the plan as needed until you get a solution that meets or exceeds your needs.


As a coach Gretchen is intuitive, creative, and emotionally and psychologically talented. She makes connections easily and notices patterns others often don’t, resulting in unique insights. Gretchen openly shares her depth and awareness with her coaching “clients”, creating space for their education, development, and potential to unfold. And her clients – both teams and individuals – show continually greater understanding of themselves and team dynamics, and take ever-greater ownership of their own charters. Gretchen is a learner, committed to her own growth and to being a resource for others’ growth – an essential set of qualities for a company in a highly dynamic environment.

I would recommend Gretchen as a valuable resource for any organization serious about being effective in this environment of continually increasing complexity.

I was fortunate to work with Gretchen years ago when she was a Scrum Master for the team I was a Product Owner for; she immensely improved team communication and collaboration. Since then, we have remained passionate agile friends and Gretchen has been gracious enough to help coach me in my agile journey along the way. Gretchen has a wonderfully, patient, empathetic and inquisitive manner in helping solve problems. She has coached me into being a better coach; she is someone that I aspire to be more like. She blends tactical practices with logic and reality to help teams and organizations start where they are and then helps guide them to better ways of working so they can deliver more value for their organization. I can’t recommend Gretchen enough – she is so much more than a phenomenal coach! Gretchen is the type of leader organizations need today to set themselves apart..”

Gretchen’s contributions were invaluable to our team’s ability to collaborate across departments, and to my own professional development. Her inquisitive, empathetic, and open-minded approach to helping others identify root problems and develop innovative solutions is second to none. Her coaching has helped me become a better communicator, and a more resilient and effective leader. Gretchen is authentic, direct, and I trust her implicitly, which is the highest recommendation I can give.”

Agile Coaching Packages

1 month 1:1 Coaching Special

We will partner creatively in an ICF coaching style. I come alongside you as a thought partner and help you to see things from a different perspective, get clarity, or break through a challenge or mindset that has been holding you back. 

Includes two 45 min sessions/ month for 1 month.

Some potential coaching topics are.

  • Leadership growth
  • Team Building/dynamics
  • Getting unstuck
  • Leveling Up
  • Mindset
  • Professional Development 
  • Improving Yourself as an individual
More Details

Most see value after 1 session, but many find 3 months provides noticeable progress.

After the initial 1 month special it is $189 for 2x sessions/ month indefinitely. We check in every 3-6 sessions or quarterly, on progress toward goals.


Cohort (Group Coaching)

For those that want to learn & grow with others in a group coaching cohort environment.

The cohort enables you to explore challenges, share knowledge, exchange ideas, seek advice, learn from one another, improve your coaching and empowering skills, and network and collaborate with others. Cohorts will be divided into 3 levels based on experience. Shu, Ha, Ri.

What you get

  • Professional Development
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Meaningful Feedback
  • Resources and Tools to use and apply immediately.
  • Support in getting the support you need from the organization.
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Community and Peer Support
More Details
  1. SHU – Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches with up to 3 years’ experience. 
  2. HA – Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches with 4-7 years’ experience. 
  3. RI – Scrum masters and Agile Coaches with 8+ years’ experience. 

Cohorts are 45 min long – 2nd & 4th weeks exact time TBD

We request a 3 month commitment to help with trust and safety within the group.

We will have a short 15 min discovery call first to see what cohort you will best fit in to learn and grow.


3 month Acceleration Package

For those ready to unleash their full potential and get the best of both worlds.

The best way to grow is vertically (1:1) and horizontally (cohort) as well so you are also learning from and with others as well. You may be surprised how many things you find language for and resonate with while digging in with others. Plus, you sharpen your critical thinking skills by helping others with their opportunities also! We have a 3 month special which includes

Two 1:1 sessions AND two cohort sessions per month for 3 months!

More Details

This acceleration package is for 3 months. Many find they want to continue on past that, if that is you, it is $229


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